Packshot d'une bouteille de Bière des Amis blonde (5,8% Alc.) 132cl et son verre conique rempli
A unique (and great) speciality beer

Round of beers!

Blond beer5.8% Alc. Vol.


Round of beers!

More than just a bottle, our 132cl limited edition represents the quintessence of conviviality. With its unique, collector’s format, it arouses passions and challenges codes.

It is an invitation to share, the ultimate expression of that Belgian-type conviviality that is so characteristic of us! It’s the perfect gift to offer or to enjoy, whatever the season…

A unique beer,

brewed with simplicity,

made to be enjoyed with friends.


Golden, opalescent, slightly cloudy


Low nitrate water, 100% natural, no additives


Malt, cereals, citrus


Smooth, white and finely sparkling


Sweet, mellow, pleasantly bitter





The ULTIMATE bottle for


The Bière des Amis in a generous 132cl format redefines the art of sharing.

This majestic bottle, designed for convivial moments, embodies union and collective joy. Each sip, rich in flavour and friendship, perfectly combines authenticity, simplicity and tradition.   Let it appeal to you by its elegance and its ability to bring people together, making it the ideal companion for all your celebrations.

The Bière des Amis 132cl is more than just a beer, it is the symbol of unequalled sharing.

Our blond beer, the best friend for your moments of complicity!

Served between 6°C and 8°C, our blond beer goes perfectly with Belgian dishes such as carbonnades or Liège-style meatballs. Generous dishes appreciated for their conviviality… Exactly like the BIÈRE DES AMIS® !

To capture all the flavours of your beer, stir the bottom of the bottle lightly before serving.

If you want to know more, get advice on the ideal way to serve beer and suggestions for culinary accompaniments, download our brochure now by clicking on the button below.


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