Packshot d'une bouteille de Bière des Amis blonde 0% (0,0% Alc.) 33cl et son verre conique rempli

La blonde 0.O%

Alcohol-free blond beer0.0% Alc. Vol.


La blonde 0.0%

La Bière des Amis has been created as a way of bringing people together and to spend good times with friends, even with those who want to reduce their consumption or who simply do not drink alcohol.

Identical in taste and characteristics, it has nothing to envy its big sister.

A alcohol-free beer,

an identical taste,

made to be enjoyed without moderation

A pioneering dealcoholisation process !

We have meticulously combined brewing expertise and technical innovation to produce our 0.0% range! Unlike other methods, this approach does not consist of stopping the fermentation of sugars into alcohol, but of dealcoholising a finished product.

Once the beer is vacuum-packed, the temperature is raised to 30°C, allowing the alcohol to evaporate without altering the aromas and structure of the BDA. This way, the flavours of the beer are preserved as much as possible!

We’re very proud of this process, which allows us to produce our 0.0% while preserving the aromas and characteristics of the classic BDA you love so much.

An alcohol-free box that invites


If you’re looking for an alternative to our alcoholic beers, our ALCOHOL-FREE BOX is just for you! Indeed, this box offers everything BDA is famous for, except the alcohol. It’s the perfect way to enjoy an evening out with friends, without moderation!

And for those who want to share it… with themselves, our BLONDE 0.0% is also available in individual format!

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