Packshot d'une bouteille de Bière des Amis Triple (8,5% Alc.) 33cl et son verre conique rempli
A double-fermented tasting beer


Strong blond beer8.5% Alc. Vol.


La Triple

La TRIPLE is a strong, double-fermented blond beer. This beer is perfect for tasting, generous and pleasantly bitter, and will surprise you with its hoppy aromas and round finish.

A strong, double-fermented blond beer,

resulting from tradition, patience

and brewing expertise


Golden, fine, light bubbles


Hop, body and gourmandise


Malt, hay, cloves


Thick, homogeneous, immaculate


Hoppy, long on the palate, bitter





A box with character that invites


To all beer lovers who want to savour the subtle art of a strong blonde, our TRIPLE BOX is made for you!

The unique combination of brewing tradition and gourmandise pleasure makes our TRIPLE a beer with a strong character, ideal for spending special moments with friends.

And for those who want to share it… with themselves, our TRIPLE is also available in individual format!

Our Triple, the perfect accompaniment to your dishes with character !

Faithful to the brewing tradition of strong blonde beers, la TRIPLE is the perfect accompaniment to dishes with character and strong, bold flavours. Red meat, dishes in sauce or mature cheeses will all find la TRIPLE the perfect ally for delicious food and beer pairings.

La TRIPLE will reveal its finest assets once poured into its stemmed glass, for an optimal release of flavours. To be enjoyed alone, or in good company…

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