Un saucisson présenté sur une planche en bois avec 3 verres remplis de Bière des Amis et un seau rempli de glaçons et de bouteilles Bières des Amis blonde (5,8% Alc.) 33cl. Une philosophie axée sur le partage et le plaisir d'être ensemble.

Our aim is to bring people together

Our philosophy is primarily based on timeless values: community and friendship! Our aim is, and will always remain, to bring people together over a good beer and invite them to reminisce… or make new memories.

To make sure you can enjoy these moments as often as possible, we strive to offer beers of quality and made with ingredients that are 100% Belgian and natural, brewed with authenticity and passion.

Perfect Serve

To fully enjoy your BDA and all its aromas, start by choosing an appropriate glass: the mythical 17 cl glass! Make sure the glass is clean and dry. Tilt it 45° and pour the Bière des Amis slowly, allowing the foam to form gently. Once the glass is full, straighten it to create a nice foam head. Take a moment to admire the colour and breathe in the aromas… And don’t forget to pass the glass around to your friends! Finally, savour slowly, enjoying every hint of flavour, from the first to the last sip. Bière des Amis is an experience in itself, and ensuring a perfect serve is a great way to start it. Cheers!

Friends all over
the world!