Packshot d'une bouteille de Bière des Amis IPA (5,5% Alc.) 33cl et son verre conique rempli
A hoppy beer with exotic flavours

The cr(h)azy ipa

Hazy IPA5.5% Alc. Vol.


Cr(h)azy IPA

This deliciously aromatic Hazy beer is inspired by the tradition of modern IPAs. The 4 selected hops – Citra, Ekuanot, Ariana and Callista – combine perfectly with the exotic flavours and refreshing citrus hints emerging from this pleasantly hopped beer.

A modern, bright,

Hazy IPA,

with a urban look


Opaque, luminous, beautiful bubbles


Hop (Citra, Ekuanot, Ariana, Callista)


Citrus, tropical, sweet, floral


Smooth, lightly coloured


Bitter, fresh, salty





A hop-flavoured box that invites


If you like fresh hops, discover our CR(H)AZY IPA BOX without delay! The combination of 4 carefully selected hops perfectly embodies the spirit of sharing.

This box combines simplicity, authenticity and tradition, ideal for a moment spent with people you care about.

And for those who want to share it… with themselves, CR(H)AZY IPA is also available in individual format in supermarkets and the best catering establishments.

Our CR(H)AZY IPA, the best friend for spicy dishes !

Lovers of Asian and/or Latin cooking will find CR(H)AZY IPA the perfect partner for their tasting experience. With its freshness, saltiness and floral bouquet, it will be the perfect counterpoint to these naturally spicy dishes. To take full advantage of its hoppy aromas, CR(H)AZY IPA should be drunk chilled in its conical glass.

If you want to know more, get advice on the ideal way to serve beer and suggestions for culinary accompaniments, download our brochure now by clicking on the button below.

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